Top 9 Dangers of playing with Magick or Energy by High Priestess Gaia

First let us start with answering the question: What is Magick? Everything is made up of energy and frequencies. Magick is having the ability to see, hear, feel and focus those energies and frequencies. Each person has gifts and abilities. It’s just a matter being tuned into them. Every action has a reaction!

As High Priestess of Divine Sexual Magicks and Guardian of Elemental Magicks, I have seen firsthand what can happen when people start to explore magick and energy without proper training or guidance. This means more than just a weekend course or day retreat… I have seen some awful things that happen when you are NOT trained PROPERLY!

Here are the top 9 dangers and consequences:

  1. Physical illnesses, diseases and pain

  2. Hurting others without knowing it (being the cause of a miscarriage, illness or even death)

  3. Disharmony in your household

  4. Depression

  5. Suicide

  6. Emotional distress and lashing out

  7. Accidents like car crashes

  8. Marriages and relationships ending

  9. Karma debt and responsibility: Karma can be a very mean bitch

Magick is a life path and takes a lifetime of teaching, learning and understanding to move with it safely and respectfully. If you watched a youtube video on heart surgery, would you feel like you could perform heart surgery on your friend the next day? You might be saying to yourself, “Don't be ridiculous, Gaia!” I KNOW, but THAT is exactly what you are doing when you take one class or weekend retreat and then start playing with energy and practicing magick!!

Everyone has gifts and abilities, but you have to learn to be tuned into them and harness them for the greater good. It’s so important to make sure you are being trained properly because having a little bit of knowledge can make you very DANGEROUS!

Remember: EVERY ACTION HAS A REACTION!! Karma can be a very mean bitch! So please get some proper training on how to awaken your magickal gift and how to do so safely without doing harm to yourself or others.

If you would like my support on that adventure and want to make sure you only meet nice, kind and loving Karma, then come check out my online course Essence- Magick for Beginners

Until next time have a magickal bum wiggling day!

High Priestess Gaia Morrissette ,

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