The 5 traits in a good Teacher, Mentor, Guru of Magick, Spirituality or Energy by Gaia Morrissette

For over a thousand years, tribal communities have been teaching, guiding and passing on magickal teachings, ancient knowledge and responsibilities through an apprenticeship concept--not because they were slow, stupid or didn't have technology. It was because it takes a lifetime to be able to master and be an expert in anything. When it comes to Magick, spirituality and energies, it is super important that you find the right teacher because if you do not … DANGER, Will Robinson! To learn more about the Dangers of Magick without proper training, read my article “9 Top Dangers of Playing with Magick and Energy.” A short way of saying it: it’s like playing and running with a chainsaw. It is super dangerous if you don't know what you are doing!

As a High Priestess of Divine Sexual Magicks and Guardian of Elemental Magicks who teaches students and clients about magick everyday, I have seen and heard horror stories. I have witnessed people being taken advantage of, brainwashed and just taught very dangerous magick skills that the person wasn't ready for, and awful things happen. So I lovingly wanted to write this article to hopefully help you and prevent you from getting hurt!

Here are the 5 Traits you want to make sure your Spiritual Teacher and Magickal Mentor has:

  1. Do they practice and teach self-responsibility?

  2. Is their focus on teaching YOU how to awaken and focus YOUR gifts & abilities, or are they MORE focused on making you a mini version of themselves? (EGO is a dangerous thing.)

  3. Do they understand it takes time to learn, develop and integrate your magickal / spiritual teachings?

  4. Do they practice and focus on Ethics and make sure they teach you to do no harm?

  5. Do they talk about protection and safety? - MOST IMPORTANT

These 5 traits apply whether you are looking for a course, program, teacher, mentor, guru or expert. Following them will help you find not just what is right for you but what is also RIGHT for your soul!

Until next time have a deeply insightful day!

High Priestess Gaia Morrissette ,

p.s. if you need any extra help you can you might want to enroll in my Essence- Magick for Beginner course

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