The 3 Faces of Monogamy by Gaia Morrissette

The 3 Faces of Monogamy

I want to talk to you about Monogamy! If you have been following me you might be thinking “what does Gaia, the ethical non-monogamy goddess, know about monogamy? This should be entertaining!” I promise it will be entertaining and educational as always! LOL

As a holistic sexual wellness specialist I have coached thousands of couples around monogamy and (are you sitting down?) I have even practiced two of the monogamy faces on and off throughout my life: Conscious Monogamy and Unhealthy Monogamy.

So what are the three faces of monogamy?

  • True Monogamy

  • Unhealthy Monogamy

  • Conscious Monogamy

True Monogamy: This is where you are ONLY physically attracted to one person. You ONLY fantasize about one person. Which means you never want to watch porn unless it is starring your partner or read romantic books, or see celebrities as nice eye candy. Remember you ONLY are turned on or attracted by one person. There is a very, very, very small percentage of the world that is truly monogamous.

Unhealthy Monogamy: This is where each person pretends to be truly monogamous which they are not. So mistrust and dishonesty and self-denial sets the stage for some very ugly feelings, thoughts and behaviours. Like jealousy, anger, mistrust, possessiveness and insecurities; not feeling good enough or not feeling loved, to name a few. I have a monogamy series where I explore this more on my podcast “My Orgasmic Life” Podcast on Spreaker or Spotify or Apple podcast or Google Podcast or iHeartRadio or on your favourite podcast platform. You can also listen on my website

Conscious Monogamy: This is actively choosing a monogamous lifestyle and practice while everyone is aware and understands that you or they can be attracted to other people but have made the agreement to only engage sexually with one another. There are many reasons why people can choose conscious monogamy. Here are just some: It can be a little easier raising a family, sometimes it can be less complicated with just two people in a relationship, sometimes two people are needing to work and focus on keeping their relationship strong without others.

As you can see monogamy has three faces and each one comes with rewards and challenges. The key to making sure you experience more rewards than challenges is picking the type of monogamy that best serves YOU! Not what you have been told to do or expected to do!

If you would like some support I offer three awesome, epic, online courses to help you dive in and figure out what is best for you:

  1. Relationship Deep Dive - Self study

  2. Conscious Monogamy - Guided study starts October 8th - Registration closes October 7th, 2019

  3. Navigating Ethical Non-Monogamy - Self Study

I am also always available for one-on-one coaching in person or online

Until next time, stay sexy and have a horny, bum wiggling day!

Gaia Morrissette

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