Saying Yes and MORE PLEASE to Pleasure!!!

Helloooo Sexy Reader, Would you like to come on a journey with me?

Today we will be exploring:

  • What is a pleasure moment?

  • Why do I want lots of them?

  • How can I have more of them PLEASE?

What Is A Pleasure Moment?

A pleasure moment is any moment in your day that awakens, stimulates or encourages happiness, pleasure or joy, physically and/or mentally.

There are many different reasons and belief systems that do not support happiness, pleasure and joy. As such, the majority of people in our North American culture do not embrace and experience these pleasure moments. Sounds silly, doesn’t it?

In fact, I have written a book on happiness called Stop! Drop! & Wiggle! 7 Easy Steps to Happiness which helps explain why and how we make those choices and how to change your mindset to one that embraces happiness. However, for today’s journey let’s just agree this is not the way to live! LOL

We have become so disconnected and numb to pleasure moments that we do not see, feel or acknowledge them unless they are so epic and awesome that they knock us off our feet. Did you know that you have been missing hundreds of pleasure opportunities each and every day? Now THAT is craziness!

I know you probably don’t believe me, so follow along and I will show you:

  • Your alarm goes off. You wake up, roll over and turn it off. Then take a deep breath and feel the soft material of your sheets (if you sleep naked like me) or feel your comfy PJ’s against your skin. Mmmmm.

  • You stretch and your body and it feels good.

  • You listen to the birds sing outside your window; how beautiful.

  • You feel the warm morning sun rays on your face. Ahhh

  • You get up and wash your face; the water is refreshing.

  • You brush your teeth and feel the tingly freshness.

  • You smell your first cup of hot coffee. Mmmm, happiness in a cup.

  • And that’s just the first 20 – 30 minutes of your day!

Why Do I Want Lots Of Them?

You want lots and lots of pleasure moments and here are just 3 good reasons:

  1. The more pleasure moments you have in your daily life the easier it is for you to turn them into orgasmic pleasure and increase your sexual arousal levels. Wooohoo! Who doesn’t want that?

  2. The more often you acknowledge your pleasure moments the more happiness you will feel. Your perspective on your life can change from feeling blah and miserable to awesome and filled with happiness, joy, inspiration and celebration. You CAN change “I hate mornings” to “This is going to be an awesome day”.

  3. You will become more emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually and sexually present in your life. Yep! It’s true!

The list of benefits from being more present is huge. Stay tuned for more details in future articles.

How Can I Have More Of Them PLEASE?

The More Pleasure Please Exercise:

Week 1: At the end of each day make a record (written, audio, video – whatever works for you) of each of the day’s pleasure moments that you allowed yourself to experience. Then record another list of all the pleasure moment you didn’t allow yourself to experience.

Week 2: Each day (mornings are best) I want you to pick one pleasure moment opportunity that was recurring on your “did not allow list” from the previous week. This week you will allow yourself to experience, express and enjoy these pleasure moments. By the end of the week you will have incorporated 7 new acceptable pleasure moments.

Week 3: Set yourself an hourly reminder (use your watch, your phone, your computer – any method that will give you an hourly reminder). When the alarm goes off I want you to find and allow yourself to experience a pleasure moment. See how a little bit of creativity can allow you to experience pleasure and delight.

Week 4: I would like you keep you alarm reminders going for as long as you are enjoying them. Now at the end of each day I want you to record all of your pleasure moments and at the end of the week compare this list to your list from Week 1 to see the difference.

Well done!!!! Woohoo!!! You are now a pleasure ninja!!!!!

If you found this exercise too challenging or you found it difficult to experience, express and celebrate life’s pleasure moments, don’t fret. For more support and guidance

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