Erogenous Zones 101: The power of the magical, sexual buttons in the human body

Updated: Jun 11

What is an erogenous zone? These are spots in the body that have a cluster of nerve endings that can be the source of epic pleasure and bliss once they have been awakened and explored. I’m excited to be able to give you a list of where those buttons are and what you can do with them.

But before we get into where the erogenous zones are in the body, you need two important pieces of information:

Tickles: The body responds to tickling for two reasons. First, erogenous zones are dying to be let out. When the nerve endings are hypersensitive, they just need to be calmed so you can feel the pleasure underneath. To do this you have to touch with more firmness and slower movements, allowing the nervous system and nerve endings to relax and become calm. Then the pleasure can be explored. The second reason a person could experience tickles is that the body doesn’t want to be touched. There is a built in defense mechanism that is triggered when a person is not feeling safe or comfortable. It sends the nervous system into overdrive. If this is the case, take a deep breath and evaluate why you don’t want to be touched and decide if you can allow yourself to feel safe. If you find you are safe and comfortable, then the nervous system will calm down and you will be good to go. If not, then respect and listen to your body and ask the person to stop touching you until you can figure out what is wrong. This happens often with people who have experienced trauma. If this keeps happening, then it might be a good idea to reach out for some professional help to heal the past trauma.

Exploration: Exploration of the erogenous zones can be done with touch, tongues, mouths, toys, textures and temperatures. Each zone may like a different pressure, texture, and touch at different times. It is important to understand that there are many variables that can affect what each zone will desire. The best way to read this on a person is by watching his or her body language, and communicating with verbal and non-verbal cues. There is no right or wrong way to explore. Have fun and enjoy! Be careful not to fall into patterns by always doing the same thing. The zones and the brain like surprise, the unexpected is where pleasure and arousal live!

Outside of the genital area, both male and female bodies have the same erogenous zones, so I will leave the genitals for last and break them down based on gender.

Feet: Next to the clit and head of the penis, the feet have the most pleasure nerve ends in the body. In women’s feet, the big toe is directly connected to her clit, woohoo! Some people are grossed out by their own feet or feet on other people. My hope is that you can learn to find the pleasure and beauty in your feet. For those with ticklish feet, refer to the “tickles” section of this article.

Ankles: Lick and lightly touch; some might even like scratchy texture.

Knees: Explore both the front and back of the knees.

Inner thighs: Inner thighs enjoy light to firm touch and even light nibbling when mixed with licks and blowing.

Hip bones and side of the hips: These can be very ticklish so use your new tools to calm the nervous system down and let the pleasure begin.

Belly button: For women this can be directly connected to the clitoris.

Nipples: These like soft to very firm biting and playing. Always start soft and light, then slowly increase intensity of pressure. It is important to note, a woman’s nipple can change in sensitivity just before and during menstruation, during pregnancy, and while breast feeding.

Women’s breast/men’s chest: There are a couple of wonderful zones on the breasts: where the breasts’ tissue meets the rest of the skin on the body both underneath, and on the sides.

The collar bone and the whole neck: These areas are great erogenous zones on both the front and back. Explore with kisses, licks, and nibbles. Do not bite hard in the neck area as there are many nerves that can be pinched and become very angry. Save more meaty parts of the body for hard biting.

The tip of the nose: Try rubbing your nose on your lover’s body to awaken it. Also try rubbing noses together and see how that feels.

Lips: This is why we crave and enjoy kissing, it allows your lips to tingle with touch, tongues and texture. Food is a fun way to help awaken this magical zone.

The roof of your mouth: Specifically, the spot where you roof of your mouth changes from bumpy to smooth. This is why some people can become orgasmic from giving head, as the penis rubs this erogenous zone over and over again.

The head and hair: Sooo many nerve endings of pleasure live here. Try massaging and lightly pulling on the hair. You can then slowly increase the pressure and pull a little harder. Don’t pull too hard right off the bat.

Tailbone: Just above the butt crack, lightly scratch, lick and touch. Once you wake up this zone it will awaken the whole back and all its nerve ends. Have fun and watch your lover writhe and moan.

Armpits: Super sensitive, so use your anti-tickle tricks and then allow the orgasmic pleasure to begin. I have had a couple of earth shattering armpit orgasms. It’s worth it to get over any armpit issue you might have!

Inner elbow: Be light and scratchy, licking and kissing it like a magic money spot of delight.

Inner wrists: Secret weapon that is so amazing!

Bum cheeks: A couple of places on the bum are included here: the crack, where the bum meets the legs, and the bum cheeks can enjoy biting, licking, and spanking. If you are going to explore spanking please make sure your partner is okay with it. Start light and move up slowly. It is best that you get more education to learn how to spank well.


Men: the head of the penis, the base of the penis, the balls, the taunt (perineum), anus, and prostate (which is reached through the anus). For all anal exploration, please do research on how to go about it safely. You MUST have a conversation with your lover before you do it. You can use your hands, lips, tongues, texture, and toys. Use your imagination! For some great tips on oral pleasure read “7 secrets to giving the ultimate B.J.”

Women: Inner and outer labia (lips), clit, vaginal canal, perineum (taunt), and anus inside and out. For all anal exploration, please do research on how to go about it safely. You MUST have a conversation with your lover before you do it. You can use your hands, lips, tongues, texture, and toys. Use your imagination! For some great tips on oral pleasure read 5 Secrets to giving the best licky-licky oral service ever!”

Until next time Explore, Laugh and Play!

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