Ep.38 - Intimacy on“My Orgasmic Life” part of the #MightyMenSeries: ” w/ co-host Daniel Aaron

Ep.38 - Intimacy on“My Orgasmic Life” part of the #MightyMenSeries: ” w/ co-host Daniel Aaron of https://danielaaron.com/ & Holistic Sexual Wellness Specialist , Gaia Morrissette www.succulentliving.com . Content Warning: Swearing, Open and Honest talking about men's sexuality , uncomfortable conversation about intimacy


  • *Honest conversation about Intimacy

  • *What are the different types of intimacy

  • *Intimacy and trust

  • *How is it affecting your life?

  • *Concrete tools to start to risk more with intimacy

Calling all men.. for an open , honest and respectful conversation about all things sexual that affect men.

Seat back and get ready for a wild ride…

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To learn more about my EPIC Co-Host Daniel Aaron : Spiritual teacher, coach, astrologer, yogi, father and author – Daniel Aaron has dedicated his life to understanding the human patterns that create suffering and how to change them. Through his trainings, retreats and 1-1 private coaching, he has led thousands of people to live brighter, more fulfilled lives. He teaches at Omega and Esalen Institutes and founded the globally recognized Radiantly Alive center in Bali.

He’s hardcore about awakening and helping all of us to greater freedom, love and happiness. His experience includes decades of yoga with the modern masters; ruthless personal and spiritual development; radical therapies, trainings and mentorships with enlightened teachers; his own constant self-inquiry, most commonly derived from the ordinary human challenges of his own commitment to kindness, authenticity and masterful service; fathering a 12 year old angel; and founding, running and selling businesses.

To spend more time with Daniel :

Website: https://danielaaron.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DanielAaronUnlimited/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0pbnPky4JJagatveVlrRlg

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danielaaron/

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