Ep.29-Ch 7-Mapping your lovers body “ Becoming a better lover series” on My Orgasmic Life Podcast

Limited - Ep.29- Chapter 7- Mapping your lovers body “ Becoming a better lover series” on My Orgasmic Life Podcast with Holistic Sexual Wellness Specialist , Gaia Morrissette

So many of my clients, friends and student are always asking me “ How do I become a better lover” Or “How can I be better in bed” so I have been inspired to create series dedicated to being better at sex… Content Warning : Swearing, Talking about Sex, Laughter, Getting Laid, Mapping, Teasing, Begging

Covering in this Chapter:

  • *What is Mapping your lovers body? It is apart of fore-play ; Mini map or full body map

  • *Why do we want to map your lovers body? Where are all the pleasure and orgasmic spots today. Awakening your lovers body so there can be more orgasmic pleasure possibilities.

  • * Understanding your lovers Body Language

  • * Remember the before sex conversation ask what kind of sex do they want. This will help you figure out how to map what there mind and body truly desire today!

  • * How to map: Start with slow and teasing touch of the whole body then tease your way down to genitals … don't touch them until your lover hips follow you and it best if they beg… The more you tease the higher arousal and pleasure is increased… Use your hands, mouth, tongue, teeth, hair, nails, texture , other body parts.

  • *Practice Mapping in the beginning of any sexual experience! If you are the aggressor then it is also important for you to have a turn every once in a while to receive this experience.. If there is time in the sexy playtime make sure you switch roles so you both can be full awake and aware of what your lover body craves.

Seat back and get ready for a wild ride…

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