Can 2 people that are different unconditional love one another?

I want to share a story.. today is my last day in sunny California and I was at the beach this morning writing about my very intense emotional week of family adventures. My biological dads mom died and I came here for her funeral.. What a gift.. My grandma saved all the letters that anyone ever wrote her and I got to read letters from my dad , letters that my mom wrote her and even the letters I wrote her.. It has been a very trippy adventure back in time.. Also found out I have a long lost brother that I have never met so we are getting the gift of building a relationship.. CRAZY In the middle of all that I have been welcomed unconditional and deeply LOVED by the most amazing family !!! During this last 10 days I have noticed that it has been a little bit of a challenge to be my strong, powerful, wild, sexual free and high priestess goddess self.... Because i was afraid they would not love me.... NOT True! Because I was afraid that I would offend my christian relatives and they would not love me if they really knew my pagan ways.... In this case Not True... I final understand that the dance between self respect and respect of others is a very fine line... As I was writing about this at the beach this morning and just as I had the ahaha moment I looked up and there was a pod of Dolphins surfing with the surfers I could see them playing in the WAVES... it was a reminder that two very different species can loving share space with one another.. I then cried tears of joy and delight and wiggled my bum with happiness and empowerment.. Thank you universe and ocean and dolphins of love and light for this amazing teaching... I hope this deep sharing helps you as you move through the rest of the holiday season.... Remember to start your year off with personal growth and awakening if you want to come play, learn, laugh and grow with me..

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