3 Reasons Why it’s Not Your Fault Your not having epic Orgasms

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

3 Reasons Why it’s Not Your Fault Your not having epic Orgasms

  1. You have been taught that pleasure is a waste of precision productive time. We all have been told stop wasting time with play, laughter and joy. Joy is something that you get to have once a year on vacation. The rest of the time you should be productive, useful and accomplishing stuff.

  2. You were born a perfect pleasure seeking beings until some adult told you” Stop touching yourself “It is rude… It is dirty… It is a Sin … It is just wrong!! You stop seeking pleasure! It was no longer your dear friend it became your enemy

  3. In this very busy Go!! Go!! Go!! Culture we are totally disconnected from our bodies… Did you know that if you can’t be in your body then orgasm are very hard, if not impossible to happen.. I promise you will NEVER have Epic Orgasms!!

No worries … Take a deep breath it is not too late for you. You can get there one step at a time Gaia's Self Study Course Called 30 days to your Epic Orgasms would help you reclaim your Orgasmic rights

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