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Each and everyone of us has magickal gifts and skills that we have been given in order to be able to discover, grow, heal and awaken to our Divine Selves. Life can be filled with challenges and hardships: some of them are put in our path in order for us to learn and align with our Soul’s Contract.

Many of our struggles, however,  are self-created as a result of our resistance to our True Purpose. Resistance is created because:


  • We have forgotten how to hear our inner wisdom.

  • Our power and gifts were stolen from us with fear and even death, causing us to believe that stepping into them is not safe.

  • We may hear but don't trust our inner magickal wisdom because of past trauma.

  • We hear but are too afraid of the bad things that might happen if we act upon our inner wisdom and universal prompts.


The benefits walking fully in your Magickal Self:

  • Attracting all the money you need

  • Healing your body

  • Manifesting  perfect relationships in all areas of your life

  • Beguile your ideal lover(s)

  • Building your harmonious business relationships

  • Creating  friendships that support the best version of yourself

  • Landing your dream career


High Priestess Gaia Morrissette said Yes to being in line with her Soul’s Contract and Purpose.  She listened to the Universe of Love and Light and created this safe space for you to explore and discover your Magickal Self!


Here are the majors reasons Essence- Magick for Beginners was Birthed for you:


  • Mandated to teach magick ethically and responsibly

  • Safe space to heal old wounds and past traumas

  • Non judgemental playground of magickal self discovery

  • To re-establish the Ancient Ways of true integration of one’s magickal development

  • Moving away from theory and book learning to hand on education


Join High Priestess Gaia Morrissette and begin YOUR magickal journey to meet your most Glorious Divine Self through Essence Program...

Essence Program combines Online Self Study with one on one Mentor-ship

"My mandate is to support students moving with a solid grounding of ethical responsibility, in finding their own Ancient Teachings and connections to their Gifts: Mastering tapping into Universal Love and Light."

High Priestess Gaia Morrissette

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