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Grounding Meditation

  • Turn off phone, computers,

  • Find a space to be quiet and uninterrupted

  • Sit or lay down

  • Touch a part of your body that you will feel comfortable touching in public (this is going to be your anchor)

  • Close your eyes

  • Do 10 PC squeezes or Keigle exercises with your deep breathing.
    (These are the muscles that you use if you were stopping the flow of your urine)

  • Start to visualize an image ( example tree roots, waterfalls, beam of light, tube or anything that works for you) attached to your genitals area (know as the root charka)

  • Visualize your image moving down through the chair, down through the floor, down through the first layer of earth, down all the way to the center of the earth to a beautiful large cavern filled with a pool of lava.

  • Remember to breath slowly , fully and deeply throughout the Mediation.

  • Once you have formed you connection from your root charka to the center of the earth it is time to let all go of all your ; pain, sadness, worry, fear, shame, guilt, anger, tiredness, anxiety, stress, and any thoughts, emotions, or physical sensations that no longer serve you.

  • Allow them to flow through your connection down to the lava pool to be burnt up.

  • Breathe.

  • Once you let everything go that no longer serve you.

  • Breathe in while doing a PC squeeze and allow warm, loving, calming, energizing and sexy energy move up from the center of the earth into you.

  • Keep breathing and squeezing to bring mother earth’s energy into you until every cell is fulled with it. Including your toes, fingertips, nose, ears right to the tip of your hair.

  • Then open your eyes and continue with your day relaxed, joyful.

  • Do this at least once a day to bring calm, juicy, zen into your life.

*** It is important to pick the same part on your body every time. ***

Free laughing track
  • Save this page on all your devices so whenever you need it is easy to find

  • Whenever you are feeling crappy or miserable hit play and allow yourself to laugh with the laughter

Laughing Track - Gaia Morrissette
00:00 / 00:00
Why Not Ask Yourself Out? (On a Sex Date!)
  • Find a mirror that you will be uninterrupted

  • Make sure the lighting is soft

  • Stand in front of the mirror and give yourself a smile and wink

  • Say” Hello (sexy or gorgeous or good looking, stud just something fun and flattering) I was wondering if you would like to go out on sex date adventure with me?

  • You will of course say yes ( be playful)

  • Then give yourself another smile and wink

  • Then put down your sex date details like( time, place ) in your day timer

  • Now allow yourself to get excited and horny with anticipation of your hot sex date with your sexy self. Make sure to do all the shopping for all your lotions, potions, props and toys you will need before your date. Enjoy it!!

  • You deserve to spoil yourself!!!

I would recommend you ask yourself out at least once a month.

Discover Body Exploration with a Sensual Bath
  • Clean the tub

  • Turn off phones, computer, TV

  • Will not be interpreted for at least hour

  • Put on sexy music

  • Light candles all around the bathroom to create some mood lighting


Gather and have close by the tub:

  • Make sure you have a plate of juicy fruit cut

  • Glass of water or your favourite juice ( no alcohol as it numbs your senses and dehydrates you)

  • Water/juice pitcher to pour water for rinsing

  • Wash cloth

  • Favourite soap or body wash


Preparing the Bath:

  • Run the bath water

  • Add one to two drops of ylang ylang or jasmine essential oils

  • or add bubble bath

  • Once the tub is full add the rose petals and any other flower heads

  • Undress and enter your spa

  • Breathe deeply and smell and relax


You are now going to connect to your body and senses:

  • Enter your sexy , sensual bath that would be fit for a god or goddess

  • Take a deep breathe and smell as you sink into luxury

  • Feel the water against your skin

  • Feel the air against your wet skin

  • Allow yourself to see the beauty of your skin next to the flowers

  • Close your eyes and smell, hear, feel and then open them and see


Washing your body :

  • Start by lightly touching your body with your hands

  • Drip water over it

  • Put bodywash or soap on washcloth or hands and rub with different

  • Strokes, and pressures . See what feels the best on each part of the body

  • When rinsing use the pitcher full of water allow it to pour over your sensitive, sexy body.

  • Allow yourself to except and experience the waves of pleasure

  • Don’t forget your toes, nose, and armpits and your genitals

  • After you have washed and rinsed your whole body this way go back to the parts of your body that gave you the most pleasure.


Explore different orgasmic pleasure and experience orgasm:

  • When you are getting out of the tub dry yourself off slowly and sensually. Then add you lotions and creams again slowly experience the pleasure of your touch.

  • Rub a dub, dub whacking off in the tub!!

Go back to the mirror smile and wink and thank yourself for a wonderful sex date!!!!

It is an important gift to give yourself the time to explore, slow down and say “I deserve sexual, sensual pleasure in all areas of my body!!!!”

I hope you do this at least once a month

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