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We are all born as perfect sexual beings until societal norms, family dysfunction or painful relationships steal or warp our sense of self-acceptance and sexual power. Don’t worry. You can reclaim, heal and awaken your sexual, succulent being.


Sexuality, sensuality and relationships are very complicated areas in our lives. Gaia can help you navigate the waters and help you experience joy, peace and pleasure. Let her be your healer, your cheerleader and sensual adventure guide along your journey of self-exploration and love.



You deserve to have a hot, juicy sex life!


If you're looking for help recovering from a trauma, please go directly to our Trauma section. There, you will find safe, trauma-friendly information, courses, and resources. Remember, Gaia's here to help!

What is sexual wellness?

Sexual wellness encompasses sexuality as a whole within 5 different aspects: 

Play, Sensuality, Sexuality, Exploration, Sacred


If any one of the aspect are out of whack then it will affect the rest of your sexuality. Your sexual wellness impacts the rest of your life including your mind, body and spirit. Each aspect is important for you nurture and discover so you may have healthy sexual relationships with yourself and others.


It is important to understand when within this context, the use of the word sexuality does not simply refer to the act of sexual activity or orgasm, which is a very good, but is only a small part of sexuality. Succulent Living considers sexuality as a whole, which effects our physical health, happiness, passion, creativity, emotional and mental wellbeing.


The benefits to sexual wellness:

    • More energy

    • Happier in all areas of your life

    • More physical health and longevity

    • Lots and lots of Orgasmic Experiences

    • Deeper connection in your relationship with others

    • Supports improved general wellbeing and joy

    • Increases imagination and creativity

    • Promotes and increasing your communication skills sets

    • Boost self-esteem and self-confidence, among many others.

sexual wellness model

Explore the 5 Aspects of Sexual Wellness

Place your pointer over each aspect to learn about it

Succulent Living can help you with...


  • healing sexual trauma, sexual abuse and sexual interference

  • are unhappy with your sensual/sexual self

  • are unhappy with your sex life

  • want to have an orgasm

  • have low sexual desire

  • have not yet reached orgasm with yourself or a partner

  • want to control your orgasm

  • want to become multi-orgasmic

  • struggle with rapid ejaculation (premature ejaculation)

  • want to expand your types of orgasmic experiences

  • want more intense orgasms

  • want a deeper sexual-spiritual connection with your lover

  • want a deeper sexual-spiritual connection with yourself

  • desire to love and accept your body

  • want to enhance your sexual pleasure

  • want to expand your sexual techniques/skills

  • find yourself saying, “my vagina made me do it” or “my penis made me do it”

  • feel shame, guilt, fear, anxiety, pressure, stress, or pain in relation to sex and intimate interactions with others

  • use sex to avoid feeling

  • are tired of being in unhealthy relationship

  • desire to rekindle your sexual spark in your relationship

  • curious about alternative sexual relationship and lifestyles

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"Gaia is the BEST! She saved our marriage and has helped me cope with past sexual trauma; as well as embrace my own sexuality. She's easy and fun to talk to and is able to get to the heart of the matter. Thank you, Gaia! "

-Ryan from Buffalo, NY


"My partner and I found ourselves at a sex less point in our relationship of 12 years. While seeking out sexual wellness advice, we came across Gaia's website and are both so grateful that she has become a part of our lives! I thought the majority of our sessions would be as a couple, however I was surprised to learn that we would be going to see Gaia individually most of the time. I have truly learned how to love myself and express my inner goddess. Working on ourselves individually has made our relationship even stronger as a result. I had no idea we would not only share more physically intimate moments and endeavour sexual exploration, but also create an even deeper emotional connection and respect for one another. Koodos to Gaia and the work she does!! "

— Sarah from KW, ON

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