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Female Ejaculation
- Simple step by step instructions to sexy squirting! $29.95 (co-produced by Gaia)

Woman And Sex Toys - In depth 101 toy education in all areas of care, use and types including common household items. Includes live demo's of different position and ways to experience pleasure. $29.95
(Gaia co-produced and stars in)

Succulent Living Products for Sale!

Clay Vaginal Weightlifting Sytem
-Tighten, Heal, Increase Orgasmic pleasure , Female ejaculation and lubricate your yoni (vaginal)
Hand crafted with love by Gaia $37.00

Succulent Living

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Tantra Exploration

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Disclaimer: The content of this website is intended for individuals 18 year old and over!!!

Succulent Living's philosophy: 

Making sex Safe! Making Sex better! Helping you take it to the next Level!

We are all born perfect sexual beings until societal norms, family dysfunction and a painful relationship steals or warps our sense of self-acceptance and sexual power. Don't worry. You can reclaim, heal and awaken your sexual, succulent being. Sexuality, sensuality and relationships are all very complicated areas in our lives Gaia can help you navigate the waters, bringing you joy, peace and pleasure. Let her be your healer, your cheerleader and sensual adventure guide along your journey of self-exploration and love. You deserve to have a hot juicy sex life!


Succulent Living can help if you:

  • are unhappy with your sensual/sexual self

  • are unhappy with your sex life

  • want to have an orgasm

  • have low sexual desire

  • have not yet reached orgasm with yourself or a partner

  • want to control your orgasm

  • want to become multi-orgasmic

  • struggle with premature ejaculation

  • want to expand your types of orgasmic experiences

  • want more intense orgasms

  • want a deeper sexual-spiritual connection with your lover

  • want a deeper sexual-spiritual connection with yourself

  • desire to love and accept your body

  • want to enhance your sexual pleasure

  • want to expand your sexual techniques/skills

  • find yourself saying, “my vagina made me do it” or “my penis made me do it”

  • feel shame, guilt, fear, anxiety, pressure, stress, or pain in relation to sex and intimate interactions with others

  • use sex to avoid feeling

  • are tired of being in unhealthy relationship

  • desire to rekindle your sexual spark in your relationship

  • frustrated with your on-line dating life

  • curious about alternative sexual relationship and lifestyles 

Includes but not limited to above concerns!! 

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* I am Sacred Bodyworker, Tantra teacher,Sexual healer, Dating and Relationship Coach & Succulent Living Coach. I am not a sex therapist. I work hands on but I always have my clothes on and maintain clear boundaries to support a healthy client/ healer relationship. I will never have a sexual relationship with a client

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